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Gebrine El Khoury

Gebrine El Khoury, M.D.
St-Luc Hospital
Avenue Hippocrate 10
Bruxelles  1200
32 2 764 61 07
32 2 764 89 60 (fax)
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Peripheral Vascular Surgery
General Thoracic Surgery
Adult Cardiac Surgery


baccalaureat math.liban 1977
ucl medical school (M.D.1984)
st luc general surgery residency (1984-1987)
hop.cantonnal geneve (1987-1988)
st luc general surgery residency(1988-1990)
st luc cardiothoracic surgery(1990-1994)
toronto general(pr.tirone DAVID 1/95- 7/95)
broussais hosp.(pr.A.CARPENTIER 9/95-12/95)
st luc cardiovascular surgery 1996-...


aortic dissection I (remodelling)
mitral repair (carpentier technics, gore tex neo chordaes)
mitral homograft
arterial revascularisation(ITA,GEA,sequential...)
ao.valve: ross; homograft; stentless
valve reconstruction and repair
aortic root reconstruction( remodelling)