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Paul Sergeant

Paul T. Sergeant, Professor, M.D.
Gasthuisberg University Hospital, Cardiac Surgery Department
Herestraat 49
Leuven  3000
+32 (16) 344219
+32 (16) 344616 (fax)
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Adult Cardiac Surgery


RUGent Medical School (1974)
Fellow Cardiac Surgery Milwaukee (1978-79)
Resident Cardiothoracic Surgery Nieuwegein NL (1979-80)
Belgian Surgical Licence (1980)
Ph.D. KULeuven (1988) Hazard Analysis
Business Management KULeuven (1991-92)
Adviser to Governmental Agencies on macro- and micro- health economics
Adviser to Medical Industry on Strategy and R&D
K.U.Leuven OPCAB Training and Re-training School


Implementation of business concepts in scientific organisations
Annihilation of early risk and optimisation of late result in CABG
Implementation of business concepts into medicine (process management, innovation and re-engineering
Knowledge transfer (surgical training and re-training)
Knowledge generation (databases, mathematical modeling, CABG, OPCAB)
My wife and children
Knowledge distribution (CTSNet)