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CTSNet is far and away the premier international destination for online networking and educational enrichment in the field of cardiothoracic surgery. Over 45,000 cardiothoracic surgery professionals, more than 34,000 of whom are surgeons, are registered users of CTSNet is an access point to the specialty’s key journals and a huge repository of outstanding text-based and multimedia clinical resources, but—beyond that—it is a bona fide online community of cardiothoracic surgery professionals, specialty-dedicated associations, and industry groups. Critically, it is where cardiothoracic surgeons go on the web to learn about new techniques, connect with their colleagues, and stay apprised of the latest research on devices and procedures.

To fulfil its vital mission, CTSNet, a small not-for-profit organization, depends upon corporate partners to help further its ongoing quest to be the leading provider of educational tools and resources for the worldwide cardiothoracic surgery community.

Key points

  1. CTSNet has established itself as the premier online community and provider of information for cardiothoracic surgery.
  2. With the generous support of corporate sponsors, CTSNet has a proven track record of developing innovative, valuable, and enduring web-based educational tools and materials.

Industry partnerships with CTSNet

CTSNet's community of more than 45,000 medical professionals and myriad of other visitors come to the site because of CTSNet's commitment to providing the most comprehensive educational services, and the most reliable, up‐to‐date information available online for the CT surgery community. CTSNet depends upon the financial support of corporate sponsors and advertisers to both maintain the community and foster site innovations. And the organization takes its commitment to industry seriously by providing participating industry sponsors with the opportunity to have substantial input into the future direction of CTSNet.

Why become a corporate sponsor or advertiser?

CTSNet’s status as the “go to” site for cardiothoracic surgeons and allied health care professionals offers abundant opportunities for industry to communicate product information, disseminate new product announcements, and get out the latest news. By becoming one of CTSNet’s primary sponsors, your company will be constantly recognized as one of the major supporters of CTSNet’s global educational mission. By advertising on or sponsoring CTSNet, your message will be effectively articulated to a large, highly qualified, and decidedly niche audience—exactly the population you need to reach.

How do Corporate Sponsorships work?

Corporate sponsorships, typically ranging from a one- to three-year commitment, are custom-designed to fit your company’s needs. Sponsorships encompass exposure-laden elements, including your logo presence on CTSNet's main navigation bar, exclusive, targeted eBlasts sent out by CTSNet on your behalf, your exclusive banner presence in a traffic-rich section of the site, the ability to promote products within CTSNet's product carousel, a prominent presence within CTSNet's Industry Product Pages, and much more.  Contact us today for a proposal fashioned to match your marketing goals. 

Advantages of becoming an overall CTSNet site sponsor: 

1. Put your company front and center of the international community of cardiothoracic surgeons—you will be reaching surgeons in every corner of the globe, and displaying your dedication to CTSNet’s vital educational mission.

2. Build a reputation for supporting CTSNet’s educational efforts, associating your key products with CTSNet’s rich collection of educational resources.

3. Establish a strong brand presence with the worldwide community of cardiothoracic surgery residents—tomorrow’s decision-makers, who are especially avid users of


Industry Product Pages participation

Your company can also participate in the CTSNet community through CTSNet's Industry Product Pages, where you can help surgeons track advances in your products and services.

Filmed Roundtables at CT surgery annual meetings

Working collaboratively with your company to choose a topic of promotional value and to select a panel of appropriate experts, CTSNet will plan, film, and produce roundtable discussions at the specialty’s most important annual meetings, with a long-enduring related news item (and video link) on the homepage. 

GIANTS—Giants of Cardiothoracic Surgery

CTSNet hosts a collection of excellent interviews with cardiothoracic surgeons from around the world who have literally changed the specialty.

JANS—Journal and News Scan

The highly popular CTSNet Journal and News Scan brings the latest and most critical research and health news to the CTSNet community via twice-weekly eBlasts.

Surgical videos

CTSNet features hundreds of videos on a large variety of products and techniques, and the Surgical Videos Section is amongst the most visited on CTSNet.

Advertise on CTSNet

A fast, effective, and easy way to communicate specific and timely information regarding new products and services is through advertising on CTSNet. CTSNet can assist you in determining which advertising locations will most effectively target your message to the most appropriate CTSNet audience.

Contact Us Today

The best way to get involved in CTSNet community as a sponsor, Industry Product Pages participant, or an advertister is to contact us today. CTSNet is eager to hear your ideas and work with you on effective ways of expanding your exposure to the worldwide cardiothoracic surgery community.

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