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April 13, 2021
The “Y” Incision/Rectangular Patch technique is used to enlarge the aortic annulus by 4 valve sizes without violating the adjacent structure of the aortic root, such as mitral valve, left atrium, or right ventricular outflow tract, in patients with trileaflet or bicuspid aortic valve.
November 29, 1999
During the past year, we have been inundated by stories about the massive changes that are taking place in our lives as a result of the application of electronic technology. Even those infatuated by the absorbing nature of this new world must have reservations about the extent of the unimaginable permeation of our lives by its power. Regardless of one's reservations, there is no going back.
August 8, 1998
CARDIAC SURGERYIntern "Survival" Guide
May 5, 1974
W. Gerald Rainer interviews Clarence Dennis on May 5, 1974. This is the fifth interview in the Pioneers of Cardiac Surgery series. Dr. Dennis discusses his role in the development of heart-lung bypass.
April 26, 1974
Theodore R. Sadler interviews Clarence Crafoord on April 26, 1974. This is the fourth interview in the Pioneers of Cardiac Surgery series. Dr. Crafoord discusses his career and the early days of cardiovascular surgery.
June 22, 1973
W. Gerald Rainer interviews Wilfred Bigelow on June 22, 1973. This is the third interview in the Pioneers of Cardiac Surgery series. Dr. Bigelow reflects on how his study of frostbite as a resident influenced his later experimentation on the effects of hypothermia on the body, and its clinical applications in open heart surgery.
April 12, 1973
W. Gerald Rainer interviews Dwight Emary Harken on April 12, 1973. This is the second interview in the Pioneers of Cardiac Surgery series. Dr. Harken shares the interesting story of how treating World War Two soldiers with shrapnel embedded in their chests helped to develop some of the earliest techniques in cardiac surgery.


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