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Last Name Middle First Name City State/Province Countrysort descending
Carroll Edwin Samuel London Ontario Canada
McClure R. Scott Calgary Alberta Canada
Feindel M. Christopher Toronto Ontario Canada
O'Blenes B. Stacy Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Lichtenstein V. Samuel Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Brister Jo Stephanie Toronto Ontario Canada
Melvin N. Kevin St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
Bethune C. G. Drew Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Liberman Moishe Montreal Quebec Canada
Ruel Marc Ottawa Ontario Canada
Malthaner Adam Richard London Ontario Canada
Bharadwaj Steven Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Grau B. Juan Ottawa Ontario Canada
Simone Carmine Toronto Ontario Canada
Perrault P. Louis Montreal Quebec Canada
Dagenais Francois Quebec City Quebec Canada
Appoo J Jehangir Calgary Alberta Canada
de Varennes E. Benoit Montreal Quebec Canada
Finley J. Richard Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Sterns P. Laurence Edmonton Alberta Canada
Cecere Renzo Montreal Quebec Canada
Chiu Ray Chu-Jeng Montreal Quebec Canada
Jamieson W. R. Eric Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Ghorpade N Nitin Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Bisleri Gianluigi Toronto Ontario Canada
Nasir Basil Vancouver Canada
Williams Galbraith William Toronto Ontario Canada
Ibrahim S. Moheb Newmarket Ontario Canada
Mulder S. David Montreal Quebec Canada
Le Blanc G. Jacques Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Murphy A. David Kingsburg Nova Scotia Canada
Grondin C. Sean Calgary Alberta Canada
Pearson F. Griffith Mansfield Ontario Canada
Lemieux D. Michel St. Augustin Quebec Canada
Alam Mahmood Saint John New Brunswick Canada
Edwards P. Janet Calgary Alberta Canada
Toeg Hadi Ottawa Ontario Canada
Inculet Ion Richard London Ontario Canada
Novick J. Richard Calgary Alberta Canada
Shayan Hossein New Westminster British Columbia Canada
Hassan Ansar Saint John New Brunswick Canada
Casson G. Alan Edmonton Alberta Canada
Pascoe A. Edward Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Reck dos Santos Pedro Augusto Toronto Ontario Canada
CIKIRIKCIOGLU Mustafa Geneva 14 Switzerland
Mootoosamy Parmeseeven Geneva Switzerland
Grapow T. R. Martin Zuerich Switzerland
Radovanovic D. Ninoslav 1223 Cologny Geneva Switzerland
Genoni Michele Zurich Switzerland
Sierra Jorge Geneva Switzerland