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Last Name Middle First Name Citysort descending State/Province Country
Appoo J Jehangir Calgary Alberta Canada
Grondin C. Sean Calgary Alberta Canada
Fedak William Michael Paul Calgary Alberta Canada
Edwards P. Janet Calgary Alberta Canada
Kieser M. Teresa Calgary Alberta Canada
Novick J. Richard Calgary Alberta Canada
Borders McDermott Blaine Calhoun Louisiana United States
Pena Diego Cali Valle del Cauca Colombia
Cadavid-Alvear Alberto Eduardo Cali Colombia
Declusin John Richard Camarillo California United States
Maggs R. Peter Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Malcolm A. John Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Birjiniuk Vladimir Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Rosengard R. Bruce Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Sayeed-Shah Umer Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Wells Charles Francis Cambridge United Kingdom
Weintraub M. Ronald Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Riley Jr M. Stancel Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Martella T. Arthur Camden New Jersey United States
Minakata Kenji Camden New Jersey United States
Awad S. Ahmed Camden New Jersey United States
Rosenbloom Michael Camden New Jersey United States
Park (Vincent) Sung Jin Camp Hill Pennsylvania United States
Iams Bowman William Camp Hill Pennsylvania United States
Osevala A. Mark Camp Hill Pennsylvania United States
Metzdorff T. Mark Camp Sherman Oregon United States
Morales A. Rodolfo Campbell California United States
Silveira Filho da Mota Lindemberg Campinas Brazil
Petrucci, M.D., Ph.D. Orlando Campinas - SP Brazil
Camp Cabot Phillip Canton Michigan United States
Ciuffo Battista Giovanni Canton Ohio United States
Tawil T. Mark Canton Ohio United States
Chughtai Q. Sajid Canton Ohio United States
Novoa Roberto Canton Ohio United States
Perry W. John Canton Ohio United States
Abraham V Simon Canton Ohio United States
D'Agostino J. Harry Canton Ohio United States
Ramsey D. James Cape Girardeau Missouri United States
Wiggans C. John Cape Girardeau Missouri United States
Robison D. Paul Cape Girardeau Missouri United States
Ogle R. William Cape Girardeau Missouri United States
Antinori H. Charles Cape May New Jersey United States
Angelillo-Mackinlay Tomas Capital Federal Argentina
Defranchi Sebastian Capital Federal Argentina
Torrealba Di Prisco Rafael Carlos Caracas Venezuela
Benedetti Alfonso Caracas Venezuela
Hopkins Henry Caracas Venezuela
von Oppell Otto Ulrich Cardiff United Kingdom
Liendo G. Ricardo Cardoba Argentina
Carroll Xavier Francis Carmel New York United States