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Last Name Middle First Name City State/Province Countrysort descending
Alamanni Francesco Milan Italy
Scalia Domenico Padova Italy
Ruffini Enrico Torino Italy
Bassano Carlo Rome Italy
Mazzaro Enzo Udine Italy
Chiariello Luigi Rome Italy
Livi Ugolino Udine Italy
Bertani Alessandro Palermo Italy
Esposito Giampiero Bari Italy
Noera Giorgio Cotignola (RA) Italy
Luciani Nicola Rome Italy
Luciani Giovanni Battista Verona Italy
Santini Francesco Genova Italy
Minale Carmine Naples Italy
Di Giammarco Gabriele Chieti Italy
Cavallesco Giorgio Ferrara Italy
Leo Francesco Orbassano (Torino) Italy
Mazzei Valerio BARI Italy
Capuani Athos Massa Carrara Italy
Davoli Fabio Ravenna Italy
Scarci Marco Monza Monza e Brianza Italy
Donatelli Francesco Milan Italy
Galletti Lorenzo Roma Italy
Greco Pierpaolo Monza (MB) Italy
De Giacomo Tiziano Rome Italy
Martinelli Luca Gian Rome Italy
Galetta Domenico Milan Italy
Budillon Alessandro Maria Parma Italy
Lequaglie Cosimo Rionero in Vulture PZ Italy
Zannini Piero Milan Italy
Roviaro Giancarlo Milano Italy
Chiesa Giuseppe Bergamo Italy
Milano D. Aldo Verona Italy
Bruschi Giuseppe Milano Italy
Filosso Luigi Pier Castellamonte Italy
Stassano Paolo Caserta Italy
Ricci Costante Rome Italy
Lucchi Marco Pisa Italy
Ciriaco Paola Milan Italy
Sinatra Riccardo Roma Italy
Parolari Alessandro San Donato Milanese Milano Italy
Melis Enrico Rome Italy
Benussi Stefano Milan Italy
Testolin Luca Padova Italy
Azzolina Gaetano 54016 Licciana Nardi, Massa Italy
Infante Valentino Maurizio Verona Italy
Bortolotti Uberto Padova Italy
Gonfiotti Alessandro Firenze Italy
Regesta Tommaso Genova Italy
Loforte Antonio Bologna Italy