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Last Name Middle First Name City State/Province Countrysort descending
De Campos Milanez Jose Ribas Sao Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Conforti Augusto Cesar Santos São Paulo Brazil
Figueira A. Fernando Recife Brazil
Cardoso F. Guerreiro Paulo Sao Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Sarmento Abrantes Petrucio Joao Pessoa Brazil
Coleman J. Henry Nassau Bahamas
Shtein Alexander Minsk Belarus
McClure R. Scott Calgary Alberta Canada
Meza M. James Toronto Ontario Canada
Appoo J Jehangir Calgary Alberta Canada
Sasaki Takashi Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Ye Jian Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Rosenblum Mark Stan Sarnia Ontario Canada
Cecere Renzo Montreal Quebec Canada
Wood R. Jeremy Halifax, NS Canada
Murphy A. David Kingsburg Nova Scotia Canada
Bekkouche Mohamed ottawa Canada
Ralph-Edwards Charles Anthony Toronto Ontario Canada
Stansfield E. William Toronto Canada
Sohn Young-Sang Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Brown D. Craig St. John New Brunswick Canada
Lam Buu-Khanh Ottawa Ontario Canada
Cusimano James Robert Toronto Ontario Canada
Liberman Moishe Montreal Quebec Canada
Finley J. Richard Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Inculet Ion Richard London Ontario Canada
Mesana Georges Thierry Ottawa Ontario Canada
Maitland Andrew Calgary Alberta Canada
Koshal Arvind Edmonton Alberta Canada
Malthaner Adam Richard London Ontario Canada
Warrian R. Keith Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Grau B. Juan Ottawa Ontario Canada
Dewar Robert Stewart Leith Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Cossette Robert Rosemere Quebec Canada
Mathur N. Avdesh Sudbury Ontario Canada
Keshavjee Shaf Toronto Ontario Canada
Carroll Edwin Samuel London Ontario Canada
O'Blenes B. Stacy Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Pascoe A. Edward Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Pelletier Conrad L. Montr Canada
Khani-Hanjani Abbas Edmonton Alberta Canada
Addetia M. Amin St. John's, Nfld Canada
Goldman S. Bernard Toronto Ontario Canada
Alkhamees Nassar Montreal Quebec Canada
Munro D. D. St. Agathe-Sudbury Quebec Canada
Kieser M. Teresa Calgary Alberta Canada
Goldbach M. Martin London Ontario Canada
Sirois Marco Sherbrooke Quebec Canada
Bharadwaj Steven Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Heimbecker O. Raymond Collingwood Ontario Canada