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Last Name Middle First Namesort descending City State/Province Country
Crabtree D. Traves St. Louis Missouri United States
Abicht Travis Chicago Illinois United States
Palmer E Trevelyan Scarsdale New York United States
Williams Trevor Chicago Illinois United States
Upham C. Trevor Raleigh North Carolina United States
Moritz Allen Troy Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania United States
Ly T. Truc San Antonio Texas United States
Itoh Tsuyoshi Saga Japan
Kaneko Tsuyoshi St. Louis Missouri United States
Nguyen-Duy Tuan Spartanburg South Carolina United States
Lam T. Tuan Fountain Valley California United States
Yerokun Tunde Durham North Carolina United States
Cai Huu Tung Denton Texas United States
Albacker B. Turki Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Gunn M. Tyler Los Angeles California United States
Bortolotti Uberto Padova Italy
Dasika Uday West Reading Pennsylvania United States
Tesler Filippo Ugo Milano Italy
Livi Ugolino Udine Italy
Chowdhury Kumar Ujjwal New Delhi Delhi India
von Oppell Otto Ulrich Cardiff United Kingdom
McCann II G. Ulysse (Lee) Provo Utah United States
Sachdeva Menon Uma Boston Massachusetts United States
Boston Sekou-Toure Umar Memphis Tennessee United States
Darr Umer New Haven Connecticut United States
Sayeed-Shah Umer Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Mees Urbain Hasselt Belgium
Niederhaeuser Urs Berne Switzerland
Ahmad Usman Cleveland Ohio United States
Onakpoya Ufuoma Uvie Ile- Ife Nigeria
Mehlhorn Uwe Karlsruhe Germany
von Fritschen Uwe Berlin Germany
Klima Uwe Dubai United Arab Emirates
Abraham V Simon Canton Ohio United States
Thompson Eric V. Newtown Connecticut United States
Keller Antoine V. Baton Rouge Louisiana United States
Reddy V. Seenu Nashville Tennessee United States
Kotowicz Vadim Ciudad autónoma de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
Reddy Mohan Vadiyala Stanford California United States
Tchantchaleishvili Vakhtang Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Subramanian A. Valavanur New York New York United States
Williams A. Valerie Edgewood Kentucky United States
Rusch W. Valerie New York New York United States
Mazzei Valerio BARI Italy
Jeevanandam M. Valluvan Chicago Illinois United States
Gibson Renee Vanessa Syracuse New York United States
Puri Varun St Louis Missouri United States
Jayasankar Vasant Anderson South Carolina United States
Papantchev Vassil Bad Nauheim Germany
Didilis N. Vassilios Petersberg Germany