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Last Name Middle First Name City State/Province Countrysort ascending
Pearson F. Griffith Mansfield Ontario Canada
Mesana Georges Thierry Ottawa Ontario Canada
Alam Mahmood Saint John New Brunswick Canada
Le Blanc G. Jacques Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Mulder S. David Montreal Quebec Canada
Nasir Basil Vancouver Canada
Unruh W. Helmut Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Ibrahim S. Moheb Newmarket Ontario Canada
Novick J. Richard Calgary Alberta Canada
Addetia M. Amin St. John's, Nfld Canada
Inculet Ion Richard London Ontario Canada
Shum-Tim Dominique Montreal Quebec Canada
Waddell K Thomas Toronto Ontario Canada
Hassan Ansar Saint John New Brunswick Canada
Tchervenkov I. Christo Montreal Quebec Canada
Edwards P. Janet Calgary Alberta Canada
Pascoe A. Edward Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Jaffer H. Iqbal Hamilton Ontario Canada
Mathur N. Avdesh Sudbury Ontario Canada
Langlois Yves Monteal Quebec Canada
Helou Joe Montreal Quebec Canada
Garg Avinash Sudbury Ontario Canada
Manji Abdulmalik Rizwan Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Luison Fabio Sudbury Ontario Canada
Cossette Robert Rosemere Quebec Canada
Reck dos Santos Pedro Augusto Toronto Ontario Canada
Morin Jean-Francois Montreal, PQ Canada
Casson G. Alan Alberta Canada
Chedrawy George Edgar Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Moon C. Byung Newmarket Ontario Canada
Bedard Pierre Jean Ottawa Ontario Canada
Shtein Alexander Minsk Belarus
Coleman J. Henry Nassau Bahamas
Terra Mingarini Ricardo Sao Paulo Brazil
Giffhorn Helcio Curitiba Paraná Brazil
Copello Hector Bedoya S Brazil
Moraes Fernando Reclife Brazil
Dinkhuysen Jakson Jarbas S São Paulo Brazil
Conforti Augusto Cesar Santos São Paulo Brazil
Ximenes Manoel Brasilia, DF Brazil
Pomerantzeff Pablo Maria A. Sao Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Murad Henrique Rio deJaneiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Poffo Robinson Sao Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Pope B. Renato Joinville SC Brazil
Buffolo Enio Sao Paulo, SP Brazil
Beyruti Ricardo Sao Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Couto Jose Wilson Sao Paulo, SP Brazil
Salerno Pedro Rafael Recife, PE Brazil
Kalil A. K. Renato Porto Alegre, Brazil
Milani Mussi Rodrigo Curitiba, PR Brazil