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Lorenzo Menicanti

Lorenzo A. Menicanti, M.D., FECTS
IRCCS Istituto Policlinico San Donato - Divisione di Cardiochirurgia II
Via Morandi 30
San Donato Milanese 20097 - Milano  20097
+39 02 52774514-+39 02 5277451
+39 02 52774327 (fax)
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Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Adult Cardiac Surgery


Liceo Classico C.Botta Ivrea (To) 1969
Resident Cardiac Surgery, University of Marseille, France 1979
Resident Cardiac Surgery, University of Nice, France 1982
Board in Urology Catholic University in Rome, 1980
Board in Pediatric Surgery, University of Verona 1984
Board in Cardiac Surgery, University of Padova 1989
Chief in Cardiac Surgery, Istituto Policlinico San Donato ,Milano since 1990
Professor at the Vascular Surgery School, University of Milano since 1992
Visiting Professor Bejing University School, China 2000


Aortic Root Surgery
Aortic Valve Reconstruction
Congenital Cardiac Surgery
Coronary Artery Surgery
Restoration of Left Ventricle Cavity Post AMI
Mitral Valve Reconstruction