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Andres Obeso

Andres Obeso, M.D.

Santiago de Compostela University Clinical Hospital
Rua da Choupana
Santiago de Compostela   
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Surgeon - Cardiothoracic


Andres Obeso, MD, is a Consultant Thoracic Surgeon at Santiago de Compostela University Clinical Hospital.

Prior to joining Santiago de Compostela University Clinical Hospital, Dr. Obeso was on faculty at Cleveland Clinical Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and he was appointed Clinical Associated Profesor at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA). During his time in different international hospitals, Dr. Obeso completed more than one thousand surgeries, most of them using minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. Obeso holds extensive clinical expertise in Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery. In November 2014, Dr. Obeso performed the world's first nonintubated uniportal thoracoscopic sympathectomy in the context of a fast-track program. Dr. Obeso frequently contributes as a reviewer on more than 15 international peer-reviewed journals and has authored important articles and book chapters. Among his greatest achievements, Dr. Obeso discovered and described a new radiological sign "Earth-Heart Sign", which was published in the in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet. In 2015, The European Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery published his description about a new surgical technique for pulmonary artery reconstruction. Dr. Obeso is interested in surgical innovation and development of new minimally invasive techniques, especially, in the management of Lung Cancer. Dr. Obeso is focused in development and implementation of new hybrid techniques in Thoracic Surgery.

Other Interests

Minimally invasive thoracic surgery
Hybrid procedures in Thoracic Surgery
Non Intubated Thoracic Surgery



- Description of a new surgical technique for pulmonary artery reconstruction using a self-made stapled bovine pericardial graft conduit. Published in the European Journal of CardioThoracic Surgery. January 2015.

- Pionner of the world's first nonintubated uniportal thoracoscopic sympathectomy in the context of a fast-track program. November 2014.

- Discovery and description of a new radiological sign "Earth Heart Sign". Published in the medical journal The Lancet. February 2014.

- Member team  in the First single lung transplant  in United Arab Emirates. February 2018.

- Member team in the first bilateral lung transplant in United Arab Emirates. March 2018.



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Additional Educational Information

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Santiago de Compostela University Medical School (Santiago de Compostela. Spain). (2001- 2007)
Resident of Thoracic Surgery. Vigo University Clinical Hospital (Vigo. Spain) (2008 - 2013)
Predoctoral courses. Program Health Sciences. Vigo University. (2008-2009)
Master in Advanced Studies. Respiratory diseases research. (2009-2010)

Royal Brompton Hospital (London. UK) - Department of Thoracic Surgery. Observership (January 2014).
Mount Sinai Hospital (New York. USA) - Department of Thoracic Surgery. Observership in VATS and surgery of mesothelioma (October - November 2012).
Hospital Nord (Marseille. France) - Department of interventional pulmonology. Internship in rigid bronchoscopy (March - April 2011)
Juan Canalejo Clinical Hospital (Coruña. Spain) - Department of Thoracic Surgery. Internship in VATS and lung transplantation. (2011)