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CTSNet Content Submission

Please note that any video you submit must include narration.
For display on certain pages. No more than 40 characters.
List a maximum of eight authors in the order that they should appear, including for each: first name, last name, and CTSNet profile page URL (e.g., Only authors with an active CTSNet profile can be listed on published article pages.
Please provide a brief, one-sentence summary of your submission totaling less than 150 words.
Please provide the narrative text of your submission. If you are submitting a clinical video, the accompanying text should be approximately 150-500 words.
Including at least one reference is highly encouraged by the CTSNet editorial team.
One or more terms from the CTSNet Content Subject Classification list that identify the primary subject category(ies) of the content.
Select 'yes' if content is especially useful for residents.
Select 'yes' if content is an entry into the CTSNet Resident Video Competition.
By selecting “yes,” you are offering to discuss your submission during a filmed presentation at an upcoming CT surgery meeting.
Include disclosure information if it is applicable.

Terms & Conditions for a CTSNet Content Submission

Scientific Responsibility Statement

I certify that I have participated sufficiently in the work to take responsibility for a meaningful share of the content of this manuscript. This participation included: 1. conception or design of the experiment(s), or collection and analysis or interpretation of data; 2. drafting the manuscript/video or revising its intellectual content; and 3. approval of the final version of the manuscript/video/presentation to be published.

Patient Privacy Statement

I confirm that all images of patient faces within the submission have been fully obscured, that the submission includes no dates related to the patient or their care, and that this submission fully complies with the United States HIPAA privacy rule. For any protected health information in the submission, I certify that I have obtained the express written consent of the patient for their identifiable image and/or aspects of their health history to be published on the open-access web. I understand that this written consent must be received by CTSNet, Inc. before my submission will be considered for publication.

Exclusive Publication Statement

I certify that none of the material in this manuscript/video/presentation has been published previously unless I have gained permission for republication, and that none of this material is currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. This includes symposia, transactions, books, articles published by invitation, and preliminary publications of any kind except an abstract of 400 words or less.

Permission to Republish Material

I certify that if portions of this manuscript/video/presentation such as illustrations or graphs have appeared in other published material, I have gained permission to republish this material from the original publisher.

Copyright Holder

I certify that I hold the copyright to any images (illustrations, photos, graphs, etc.) and/or videos that appear in this manuscript/video/presentation and if I am not the copyright holder I have gained permission to publish this material.

Conflict of Interest

I affirm that I have no financial affiliation (e.g., employment, direct payments, stock holdings, retainers, consultantships, patent-licensing arrangements, or honoraria) or involvement within the last 3 years with an organization with direct financial interest in the subject or materials discussed in this manuscript/video, except as disclosed. Any other potential conflict of interest is also disclosed.

Copyright Transfer Agreement

Copyright (including the right to obtain copyright registration, whether separately or as part of a journal issue or otherwise) in and to the above article is hereby transferred throughout the world and for the full term and all extensions and renewals thereof, to: CTSNet. This transfer includes the right to adapt the article/video for use in conjunction with computer systems and programs, including reproductions or publication in machine readable form and incorporation in retrieval systems.


Note: You will receive instructions on how to upload your content to CTSNet after you click on the agreement button below. By clicking "I agree" below, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to all of the above CTSNet Content Submission Terms & Conditions on behalf of yourself and your fellow authors.