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Who can participate in CTSNet?

All cardiothoracic surgeons, including those in training, are invited to become CTSNet participants. If you belong to a CTSNet Participating Organization, you already participate in CTSNet. CTSNet also invites any professional in a related field to join as an associate. Associates typically are anesthesiologists, cardiologists, perfusionists, physician assistants, nurses, data managers, and staff that support cardiothoracic surgery professional organizations or training programs.

What if my professional organization is not yet participating in CTSNet?

Qualified individuals may become CT surgery participants or associates even if their professional organizations are not yet participating in the CTSNet Community. However, CTSNet encourages you to tell your professional organization about CTSNet, or join one of the CTSNet Participating Organizations.

Why become a CTSNet Participant or Associate?

Quite simply CTSNet is cardiothoracic surgery online, and health care professionals across the globe, as well as members of the public, come to to locate cardiothoracic surgeons and access CTSNet's rich educational content. By participating in CTSNet, you will automatically receive a CTSNet profile page, which you can edit to reflect you educational background, professional achievements, and key cardiothoracic-surgery-related interests. Your profile will also reflect your membership of organizations participating in CTSNet, as well as your participation in any governance bodies of organizations involved in CTSNet. Join the CTSNet community and if your cardiothoracic surgery professional organization isn't currently participating in CTSNet, encourage it to become a Participating Organization!

How can I become a CTSNet participant?

There is no registration fee for participants or associates. Simply fill out the CTSNet Participant Application Form and CTSNet will send you your CTSNet ID and password.

Why should cardiothoracic surgery professional organizations participate in CTSNet?

CTSNet is the key online forum for cardiothoracic surgery online. Cardiothoracic surgery organizations should participate in CTSNet  to be truly involved in the global cardiothoracic surgery community. Further, CTSNet offers Participating Organizations excellent exposure to the worldwide community of individuals involved in cardiothoracic surgery. Below are the valuable benefits Participating Organizations receive by joining the community:

1.The ability to use the CTSNet Toolkit, allowing an organization to:
a. add individuals to the CTSNet contact database;
b. designate individuals as organization members;
c. create organization leadership bodies on CTSNet; and
d. add CTSNet individual contacts to the organization's leadership bodies displayed on CTSNet  (leadership body memberships created in the CTSNet Toolkit are reflected automatically on applicable individual profile pages on
2. The opportunity to add organizational events to the CTSNet Events Calendar whenever an organization wishes through the CTSNet Toolkit.
3. The opportunity to have one story/announcement regarding the organization or an event of the organization published on the CTSNet homepage.
4. The opportunity to include one free announcement about a special organization event or activity in an edition of the CTSNet monthly eNewsletter, Spotlights, during any year of participation.
5. During any year of participation, the opportunity to have CTSNet send up to four blast e-mails to an organization's member list within CTSNet’s systems free of charge; additional blast e-mails sent by CTSNet to an organization's members will be charged at a discounted rate.
6. The ability to have the organization's domain included in the site domains searched by CTSNet’s general search (this means that searches on CTSNet locate items within Participating Organizations' websites, potentially driving traffic to these sites).
7. The name and logo of the organization displayed prominently on a high-level “Participating Organizations” page on CTSNet.
8. A 25% discount on commercial pricing for placing a banner ad on the CTSNet homepage. 
9. A 25% discount on the commercial rate to send a blast e-mail to either the entire CTSNet community or a subset of the community.
10. A 25% discount on the commercial rate for CTSNet to conduct a survey for the organization of the entire CTSNet community or a subset of the community.