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Paolo Macri'

Paolo Macri', M.D. Chief of Thoracic Surgery and Consultant Thoracic Surgeon

Thoracic Surgery - HUMANITAS Istituto Clinico Catanese
Contrada CUBBA, S.P. 54, n 11
Misterbianco (Catania), CT  95045
+3909573390774 (alternative)
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Surgeon - Cardiothoracic


General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery internship and residency - University of Milan (M.D.) (1989-1993) (V. Di Carlo, C. Staudacher, C. Cristallo, R. Chiesa, W. Montorsi, M. Mezzetti, L. Santambrogio, M. Nosotti).
Oncological Thoracic Surgery residency - National Cancer Institute - Milan (1994-1996) (G. Ravasi, M. Valente, I. Cataldo, M. Alloisio)
General Thoracic Surgery Certificate - University of Pavia (1995-1999) (E. Forni, G. Volpato, M. Vigano')
Thoracic Surgeon Assistant - Humanitas Clinical Institute - Rozzano (1996-1/2002) (G. Ravasi, M. Alloisio)
Stage Ch.Thoracique,Vasculaire et Transplantation CardioPulmonaire H. Marie Lannelongue - Paris (8/1999) (Ph. Dartevelle, A. Chapelier, P. Macchiarini).
Stage Dept. Vascular and Thoracic Surgery - Heidehaus Krankenhaus - Hannover Medical School (8/2000) P. Macchiarini
Visiting Doctor at Dept. of Thoracic Surgery - Royal Brompton Hospital - London (9/2001) P. Goldstraw, G. Ladas
Consultant Thoracic Surgeon at Hospital Universitario de Salamanca - Espana (12/2001-4/2003) G. Varela, M. Jiménez, N. Novoa
Consultant Thoracic Surgeon - Sant Anna Hospital - Catanzaro 5/2003-10/2003
Chief of Thoracic Surgery Dept. - CdC Villa Salus - Messina (2003-2006)
Chief of Thoracic Surgery Section - Germaneto University Campus - Catanzaro (2006-2009)
Consultant Thoracic Surgeon - CdC Villa Salus - Messina (2010-2011)
Consultant Thoracic Surgeon - Istituto Clinico Humanitas - Milano (2011-2012)
Chief of Oncological Thoracic Surgery Dept. - Humanitas CCO - Catania 9/2012 up today
Chair of the MultiDisciplinary Thoracic Group - Humanitas CCO - Catania 12/2012 up today

Other Interests

surgical treatment of lung cancer and other pulmonary or mediastinal malignant tumors (multidisciplinary approach)
surgery for pulmonary emphysema and pneumothorax, lung volume reduction surgery LVRS.
surgery for pleural mesothelioma and other pleural diseases (multidisciplinary and trimodality approach)
mini-invasive approach and videothoracoscopic surgery (VATS) for intrathoracic diseases,
pulmonary videolobectomy for lung cancer
surgical treatment of pulmonary metastases and laser resections for pulmonary metastases (multimodality approach)
sleeve lobectomies and tracheal resections,
locally advanced surgery for lung cancer and superior sulcus tumors
open surgery for lung, mediastinal, lymph nodes, pericardial, pleural, esophageal, breast, thymus, thyroids, tracheal and other thoracic diseases
En bloc thoracic resection (chest wall and vertebral body),
Family, Friends, Nature, Light

Practice Areas

  • Thoracic
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Robotic
  • VATS
  • Cardiac
  • Pericardium
  • Thoracic
  • Chest wall
  • Diaphragm
  • Lung
  • Esophagus
  • Mediastinum
  • Pleura
  • Trachea and bronchi
  • Reconstruction
  • Benign disease
  • Cancer
  • Great vessels
  • Education
  • Professional Affairs
  • Ethics
  • Medical technology