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Dozens of recent clinical trials may contain wrong or falsified data, claims study

Sunday, June 11, 2017

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Stephen Buranyi and Hannah Devlin

Dozens of recent clinical trials contain suspicious statistical patterns that could indicate incorrect or falsified data, according to a review of thousands of papers published in leading medical journals.

The analysis was carried out by John Carlisle, a consultant anaesthetist at Torbay Hospital, who previously used similar statistical tools to expose one of the most egregious cases of scientific fraud on record, involving a Japanese anaesthesiologist who was found to have fabricated data in many of his 183 retracted scientific papers. 

The latest study identified 90 trials that had skewed baseline statistics, 43 of which with measurements that had about a one in a quadrillion probability of occurring by chance.


This study is published in Anaesthesia and it names the papers concerned - go here to read the paper







The Guardian (a daily newspaper that enjoys a somewhat highbrow image in the United Kingdom, if not a huge circulation) writes referring to the paper: names the papers concerned..- go here to read the paper..... : I am reading the paper and the supplementary material online now; have yet to find ANY names

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