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EBUS-centred versus EUS-centred mediastinal staging in lung cancer: a randomised controlled trial

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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HJ Kang, B Hwangbo, G-K Lee, B-H Nam, H-S Lee, MS Kim, JM Lee, JI Z, HS Lee, J-Y Han

This randomized trial included 148 pts with potentially resectable NSLCL.  Mediastinal staging was randomized to EBUS-centered (EBUS possibly followed by EUS) or EUS-centered (EUS possibly followed by EBUS).  Diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity were similar for both groups.  Adding EBUS after initial EUS improved accuracy and sensitivity significantly, whereas adding EUS after initial EBUS did not significantly improve outcomes.  The authors suggest that EBUS is the best first procedure in endoscopic mediastinal staging for potentially resectable lung cancer.

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