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Internet video of the week : Microlobectomy, a new method for doing VATS lobectomy

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Source Name: Microlobectomy


Joel Dunning

You have heard of 4 port, 3 port,  2 port and now uniportal VATS lobectomy. You may have tried Robotic lobectomy. You may also have heard of subxiphoid only or TEMLA only lobectomy. 

Well here is another approach for your collection ! However for me it has the advantages of minimal learning curve for VATS lobectomists, and smaller incisions than uniportal vats in the intercostal spaces, and of course a new gadget or two to try which has to be a good thing !! 

Anyway it is not for me to say what I like about it, it is for you to tell me what you think. 


Well Done! Looks nice. In Glasgow (although Cardica is based here as you told me) we have tried just last week the new micro stapler of Ethicon , with very similar specifications! I think that the technology is already here for really minimally invasive resections , we just need to continue asking what we really want and not what they have ready in the shelf for us! Thanks again for this video, we will try to make a video as well to show the application of this new ethicon micro vascular stapler (they don't have a real name for it yet) in a uniportal lobectomy.
Thanks for the comment. Cardica has the UK representative in Glasgow, although of course its main factory is in San Francisco. I have seen the Ethicon flex. Is that what you mean ? Anyway, would be great to see your video thanks for commenting
The new stapler is not the Ethicon flex. It is 35 mm in length and the width is around 6-7 mm, puts 2 rows of staplers each side and articulates more .It definitely looks like Cardica. I hope we are going to be able to show that in a video

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