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June 8 & 9: Ancona Virtual Live Course Presented by CTSNet: Minimally Invasive and Transcatheter Cardiac Surgery From Theory to Practice

CTSNet is honored and excited to present the ‘Minimally Invasive and Transcatheter Cardiac Surgery’ course that was originally scheduled to be held in person. Due to COVID-19, the course has been converted into the new Ancona Live Virtual Course and will be presented in collaboration with CTSNet on June 8 and 9, 2020.

“We stay home…but we move on! Cardiac surgeons are resilient!”
Professor Marco Di Eusanio, Course Director

Virtual Live Course:
Minimally Invasive and Transcatheter Cardiac Surgery
From Theory to Practice

June 8 and 9, 2020
10 am Eastern Time, 4 pm Rome (GMT +2)

Attend this FREE live course!

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A prestigious faculty of international opinion leaders and experts will explain their prevailing vision of cardiac surgery and share their minimally invasive and transcatheter approaches for the treatment of aortic and mitral valve diseases. For detailed information, including faculty biographies and the virtual exhibition, please see the Ancona Virtual Live Course website.

The new virtual format will take the following form:

  • One session per day, each 120 minutes (aortic and mitral valve)
  • Each session will include opening lectures from opinion leaders in the field, followed by rapid-fire presentations during which experts will present and defend their own minimally invasive approaches.
  • Interactivity between the faculty and the attendees will be facilitated via real-time virtual chat, polling, and discussion.
  • The conference will be archived on for ongoing access.    






Course Program

June 8, 2020

SESSION 1: Aortic Valve
Chair: T. Nguyen, M. Rinaldi

  • 4:00 pm Introduction – M. Di Eusanio
  • 4:05 pm Trends and Real World Outcomes in Transcatheter Valve Interventions: Report From the STS/ACC TVT REGISTRY – J. Bavaria
  • 4:20 pm TAVR and SAVR in 2020: Where Do We Go From Here? – F. Musumeci 
  • 4:30 pm 360° mini-AVR: Going Beyond 'A Small Cut' – M. Di Eusanio

Mini AVR: Why I Do It

  • 4:50 pm Ministernotomy – T. Yan
  • 4:55 pm Right Anterior Minithoracotomy – M. Solinas
  • 5:00 pm Transaxillary – U. Kappert
  • 5:05 pm Endoscopic – L. Salvador
  • Online polls and discussion
  • 5:30 pm Is TAVR Done by Cardiac Surgeons as Good as TAVR Done by Cardiologists? – M. Cassese

What Is the Best Reoperative AV Intervention?

  • 5:45 pm ViV – T. Nguyen
  • 5:50 pm Redo (mini) AVR – M. Glauber
  • Online poll and discussion

June 9, 2020

SESSION 2: Mitral Valve
Chair: M. Borger, F. Maisano

  • 4:00 pm Minimally Invasive Is the "Gold Standard" in Mitral Valve Surgery – M. Borger
  • 4:15 pm Transcatheter Mitral Valve Surgery: The Present and Perspectives – O. Alfieri

Mini MVR: Why I Do It

  • 4:30 pm Direct Vision Transaxillary – M. Di Eusanio
  • 4:35 pm Video-Assisted/Fully Endoscopic – M. Solinas
  • 4:40 pm Robotic – E. Navarra
  • 4:45 pm Transapical Chordal Repair – G.Gerosa
  • Online poll and discussion
  • 5:10 pm Evolving as a Surgeon: Incorporating Transcatheter Mitral Techniques into Your Practice. – F. Maisano
  • 5:25 pm Step-by-Step Guide in Edge-to-Edge Mitral Valve Repair: A Surgeon’s Perspective – P. Denti
  • 5:35 pm Is TMVR Ready for Prime Time? – T. Modine
  • Online discussion
  • Closing remarks – M. Di Eusanio


  • Ottavio Alfieri, Milan - Italy
  • Joseph E. Bavaria, Philadelphia - USA
  • Michael Andrew Borger, Leipzig - Germand
  • Mauro Cassese, San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) - Italy
  • Gino Gerosa, Padova- Italy
  • Mattia Glauber, Milan - Italy
  • Utz Kappert, Dresden - Germany
  • Francesco Maisano, Zurich - Switzerland
  • Thomas Modine, Lille - France
  • Francesco Musumeci, Rome - Italy
  • Emiliano Navarra, Brussels - Belgium
  • Tom C. Nguyen, Houston - USA
  • Mauro Rinaldi, Torino - Italy
  • Loris Salvador, Venice - Italy
  • Marco Solinas, Massa - Italy
  • Tristan D. Yan, Sydney - Australia

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