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Aortic Arch

September 27, 2016
The Duke group analyzed their group of patients undergoing proximal aortic operations during a 9-year period (n=869) to determine the incidence and etiology of reintervention on the aorta during follow-up.
June 29, 2016
Joe Bavaria, current President of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons and Vice Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, delivers an informative talk on hybrid approaches to aortic arch aneurysm repair.
June 4, 2016
Outcomes are reported for initial use of a 4-branched graft with an incorporated distal stent graft for management of disease of the aortic arch combined with the proximal descending aorta.  Operations were equally distributed among acute dissections, chronic dissections, and aneurysms.  Surgical mortality was 7%, 3-year survival was 81%, and 22% nee
May 18, 2016
Jorge Mascaro of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom, discusses the significant challenge of aortic arch replacement and the various approaches a surgeon can take, giving special attention to the Birmingham approach.
March 18, 2016
Not only an authoritative 16 year retrospective report on 957 planned aortic aneurysm surgeries from Cleveland Clinic, but a stimulating critique ( pages 771-774) with Tyrone David who was the invited discussant of the manuscript at its presentation at the AATS last April.
July 13, 2015
This video demonstrates graft cannulation of the innominate artery as an alternative to axillary cannulation.
May 11, 2015
The authors conducted a retrospective review of two concurrent groups undergoing elective aortic transverse hemiarch reconstruction:  Group DHCA underwent deep hypothermic circulatory arrest with retrograde cerebral perfusion; group MHCA underwent moderate hypothermic (>25 degrees C) circulatory arrest with antegrade cerebral perfusion.
May 5, 2015
This video demonstrates the use of a Thoraflex device (frozen elephant trunk) as a "one-stage" solution for chronic Type B aortic dissection, with subsequent complete remodeling of the aorta.
March 2, 2015
Open repair is the standard for aneurysmal degeneration of the arch. Endovascular techniques offer an alternative for patients with prohibitive comorbidities. This video describes a complete endovascular arch reconstruction using a modified stent graft approach, combined with cervical debranching.
February 3, 2015
This video shows the surgical correction of two large thoracic aortic aneurysms in a 15-year-old girl.