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ArtiSential Wristed Instruments for a Left Lower Lobectomy

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Komatsu T, Gomyoda T. ArtiSential Wristed Instruments for a Left Lower Lobectomy. March 2024. doi:10.25373/ctsnet.25481563

The ArtiSential wristed instruments have been developed by the South Korean company LIVSMED. Because of difficult access to robotic surgery, our thoracic team has introduced the ArtiSenital bipolar precise dissectors for anatomical lung resection (1).

The fully articulating wristed motion provides wristed manipulations that are similar to robotic-assisted surgery but in the hands of the surgeon by the patient's side (2-4). Other advantages include the ability to switch instruments quickly and use the full range of VATS instruments and staplers, as well as the surgeon’s position at the bedside to address any safety issues suchh as major bleeding when an emergency thoracotomy is necessary.

This video demonstrates a thoracoscopic left lower lobectomy, in which key parts of the procedure were performed using the ArtiSenital bipolar precise dissector.


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