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CTSNet’s Top 5 Congenital Surgical Procedure Videos of 2022

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

This year was fruitful for congenital surgical procedure videos published on CTSNet. The most popular videos focused on a range of cardiac congenital conditions, from atrial septal defect repair to both Ross and commando procedures from CTSNet’s top congenital contributor, Dr. Sameh Said.

Thank you to everyone who submitted cardiac content this year. CTSNet is always seeking submissions of innovative and instructional adult cardiac surgery content to educate and connect the global CT surgery community. We encourage surgeons and allied health professionals to consider submitting in the new year.

Read on for a glance at each procedure and check out our full catalog of congenital surgical videos.

1. Unroofing of Anomalous Right Coronary Artery
By Qasim AL Abri, Lamees El Nihum, M Zubair, Aaron Spooner, Mahesh Ramchandani

The most popular congenital procedure published on CTSNet this year showcases a procedure performed on a sixty-year-old patient with a six-month history of angina. The surgeons demonstrate unroofing of the patient’s anomalous right coronary artery.

2. Atrial Septal Defect Repair Through Right Axillary Minithoracotomy
By Oleksandr Babliak, Anton Marchenko, Dmytro Babliak, Demianenko Volodymyr, MD PhD

In this video, the authors demonstrate an atrial septal defect patch repair on an asymptomatic seven-year-old girl. They use a right axillary minithoracotomy with central cannulation for CPB and induced artificial ventricular fibrillation.

3. Fourth Sternotomy with Reinforced Ross Procedure
By Sameh Said, Gamal Marey

CTSNet’s most prolific contributor of congenital content in 2022, Sameh Said, demonstrates a successful Ross procedure in a patient with a severe left ventricular outflow tract obstruction and a history of four previous operations for a bicuspid aortic valve.

4. The Commando Revisited in Adolescent with Severe Aortic and Mitral Valve Stenosis
By Sameh Said, Gamal Marey

In a patient born with multivalvular disease with congenitally stenotic bicuspid aortic valve, the authors demonstrate the double annular enlargement technique for aortic and mitral valve replacement. The technique uses Manouguian and Guiraudon incisions to provide adequate enlargement of both aortic and mitral annuli.

5. Repair of Aortopulmonary Window in a Newborn
By Sameh Said, Gamal Marey

Finally, another video by Dr. Said shows his technique for the repair of a type I aortopulmonary window via separation of both great arteries and a patch repair of the defects in both the aorta and pulmonary artery.



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