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CTSNet’s Top 5 Thoracic Procedure Videos of 2023

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Variety and innovation were abundant in this year’s thoracic surgery clinical videos. The most popular videos focused on a range of thoracic procedures, from 3D technology for segmentectomy to Nissen fundoplication. Read on for a glance at each procedure and check out our full catalog of thoracic surgical videos.

1. Step-By-Step Guide to 3D Segmentation of Tumor, Airways, and Vessels for Preoperative Planning for Anatomic Segmentectomy Using 3D Slicer
By David Rice

The most popular thoracic video this year demonstrates 3D Slicer open-source software. The software, which is free to download, allows the user to create a preoperative model of the airway, lung, tumor, and vessels to prepare for a complex segmentectomy.

2. Right Main Pulmonary Artery Bleeding Control with Uniportal VATS
By Anna Minasyan, Ricardo Fernandez Prado

When major bleeding in the right main pulmonary artery began during a routine VATS pneumectomy, the authors of this popular video demonstrated their technique to control the bleeding and salvage the procedure.

3. ICG for Intraoperative Thoracic Duct Lymphangiogram in VATS Thoracic Duct Ligation
By Justin Olivera, Osita Onugha

Next on the list, this video shows the authors using indocyanine green as the modality of choice for intraoperative localization of the thoracic duct in chylothorax management.

4. Costal Margin Reconstruction for Complex Slipping Rib Syndrome
By Adam Hansen, Jeremiah Hayanga, Alper Toker

These authors chose to showcase a unique procedure. The technique is challenging but addresses patients with complicating features including skeletal hypermobility disorders, multiple ipsilateral slipping ribs, rib deformities, and failed prior slipping rib operations.

5. 12-Step Robotic Nissen Fundoplication
By Benjamin Palleiko, Samih Shafique, Feiran Lou, Karl Fabian Uy, Mark Maxfield

Finally, the authors of this video demonstrate their method for a robotic Nissen fundoplication in step-by-step detail, along with a thorough write-up of each step.


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