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Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass via Inferior Ministernotomy

Monday, March 28, 2016

This video demonstrates a bypass procedure of the ramus interventricularis anterior artery (also known as the left anterior descending) through an 8 cm incision in the middle of the lower third of the sternum.


This is a very good alternative to start this operation with normal instruments and then decrease the size of the incision and length to perform ideally the operation i invented in 1997 Xiphoid Approach o eventually the MINI OPCABG operation We already demonstrated the good Long term results of this Lower Sternotomy operation or MNI OPCABG operation more and more surgeons are interested to learn this the mammary to LAD for the HYBRID revascularization because as we demonstrated already is an excellent alternative Also we strong believe is important this operation of MINI OPCAB for multiple grafts using Left mammary to LAD and RIGHT Mammary as inflow to the others vessels 1 Benetti et al Direct Myocardial Revascularization without extracorporeal Circulation Experience in 700 Patients Chest 100 ,no2 Aug 1991 312 316 2 Benetti F J Minimally invasive Coronary Surgery the xiphoid approach Eur j Cardiothorac Surg 16n0 Suppl 2 Nov 1999 S10 S11 3 Federico J Benetti Future Cardiology November 2010 ,Vol. 6, No. 6, Pages 791-795 , DOI 10.2217/fca.10.96 (doi:10.2217/fca.10.96) 4 Xiphoid Lower Sternotomy Approach for Multivessel revascularization of the Left Internal Mammary to the left anterior descending artery and Right internal mammary as inflow to the others vessels The Heart surgery Forum Epub February 2010 Doi 10,1532 5 F benetti et al MINI OPCABG Chapter 8 Artery Bypass edited by wilbert s Aronow published by intech http dx doi .org 10 5772 50852

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