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December 8, 2023
In this recording from the 2023 Transcatheter Heart Valves Greece conference, Dr. Konstantinos Koulogiannis, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Morristown Medical Center in new Jersey, USA, discusses M-TEER technology maturation and how it enables treatment of most anatomies.
December 7, 2023
In this episode of CTSNet’s flagship podcast, editor in chief Joel Dunning runs through the latest, most popular content on—the largest online community of CT surgeons and source of CT surgery information—and breaking cardiothoracic surgery news and research from around the world.
December 7, 2023
Minimally invasive mitral valve surgery (MIMVS) is feasible and safe, but its uptake has lagged worldwide. The authors conducted a detailed survey of 75 surgeons, of whom 32 (42 percent) completed the survey. All who completed the survey performed more than 25 MIMVS cases annually.
December 7, 2023
Degenerative aortic valve stenosis is the most frequent valvular heart disease in western countries, and valve replacement is the gold standard for symptomatic severe cases.
December 7, 2023
In this study, the authors performed a propensity matched analysis of hospital costs for robotic-assisted CABG vs. conventional CABG. 1,173 patients were included in the analysis from 2018 until 2021. Decision regarding intervention modality was decided by the treating surgeon.
December 7, 2023
In this mandatory national clinical registry analysis of acute aortic dissections, in-hospital mortality was 18 percent in 859 patients who underwent repair of type A dissections vs. 52 percent in 298 unoperated-on type A patients, and 13 percent in 122 patients who underwent surgical or endovascular repair of type B dissections vs.
December 7, 2023
In this video, surgeons perform the Ross Procedure, a groundbreaking cardiac restoration technique, unveiling the transformation of a patient's pulmonary autograft into the aortic valve.
December 6, 2023
This video introduces the author’s novel warm aortic arch repair strategy with a case video of warm hemiarch aortic repair in the post heart transplant setting.
December 5, 2023
This video demonstrates a total robotic pericardiectomy for calcified and noncalcified constrictive pericarditis.
December 1, 2023
As a part of the 2023 Australian Thoracic Aortic Symposium, Prof. Tilo Kolbel presented on how to identify false lumen occlusion techniques in chronic TBAD and how they function.