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Sternum Revision Surgery with Titanium Implant

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A 60-year-old man underwent coronary bypass surgery in 2009. Unfortunately, following the coronary bypass surgery the patient had four unsuccessful sternum revision surgeries in different centers due to postoperative sternal dehiscence. The patient presented to the authors’ cardiovascular surgery department with the complaint of dyspnea. The patient underwent a sternal revision operation with a specific sternocostal titanium implant that was designed digitally and manufactured in 2013 at the Medical Design and Manufacturing Center at the authors’ institution.


Dear Dr. Cingnoz et al, Thank you for your presentation - it is very interesting. Have you had any experiences using titanium plates in combination with ceratite implant material to promote bone regeneration for sternal reconstruction? Kind regards, A.
Superb, dr. Cingoz and company! Often, we take a one-size-fits-all approach to sternal reconstruction, and it is evident how advantageous a customized approach like yours can be for the patient. Questions: what did the purulent material demonstrate on gm stain and culture? I assume that it came back negative. If it were positive, what was your operative plan? Thanks.
Thank you so much for your constructive critics, This patient had serious problems regarding his sternal dehiscency, such; infection, aryhtmia, heart and, respiratory failure and also social problems. He had not being easily worn his clothes as well. Sleeping, walking, transporting, getting in a taxi, everything were difficult.It was so difficult to give one moře chance for surgically. A titanium plate implanted ion procedure was the first experience for me and our team. Two months was needed för preparation. A check list was listed what perform during the surgery. First, a material was sent for gram staining, it was negative and it was a good sound that was heard. Surgery was completed in planned fashion without complication. Almost two years were passed after the surgery, New bone material was seen under the implanted plate. I am thinking to remove the plate in near future. My best wishes, Faruk Cingoz, MD.

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