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Surgical Treatment of a Huge Left Atrial Myxoma

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Ak K, Guctekin Y, Tire Y, Ozturk F, Cincin A, Arsan S. Surgical Treatment of a Huge Left Atrial Myxoma. November 2021. doi:10.25373/ctsnet.16965079

While primary cardiac tumors are rarely seen, myxomas are the most common primary cardiac tumors. In over 75 percent of the cases, myxomas originate from the left atrium. Although the diagnosis might be done incidentally in some, almost 67 percent of patients have cardiac signs and symptoms related to the classic triad of obstruction, embolism, and constitutional symptoms. Constitutional symptoms including malaise, anorexia, fever, arthralgia, and weight loss are reported to be common in patients with atrial myxomas, and they often mimic connective tissue disorders and malignancy (1). In this video, we present surgical treatment of a patient with a huge left atrial myxoma.


  1. Pinede L, Duhaut P, Loire R. Clinical presentation of left atrial cardiac myxoma. A series of 112 consecutive cases. Medicine (Baltimore). 2001;80:159-72.


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A nice technique. Well done. We too have found that often a patch of pericardium is needed to close the defect where the myxoma is attached to the atrial septum.

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