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Priyadharshanan Ariyaratnam

Priyadharshanan Ariyaratnam, BM BSc (Hons) MD (res) FRCS (CTh)

Sheffield Teaching Hospital
Herries Road
United Kingdom
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Surgeon - Cardiothoracic


Cardiothoracic National Training Number (NTN)- Yorkshire Rotation, 2015-2021
NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Cardiothoracic Surgery: 2016-2020
EACTS Young Investigator Award (Thoracic), Vienna, 2013
EACTS Young Investigator Award (Thoracic), Barcelona, 2012
EACTS Residents Masters (Jeopardy) Winner, Vienna 2017
SCTS Trainees Committee (Yorkshire & Humber Representative) 2016-2018
EACTS Resident's Committee 2017-2020
EACTS Francis Fontan Fund for Education Steering Committee 2018

Other Interests

Pulmonary hypertension


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Additional Educational Information

Southampton Medical School: BM (with Distinction) & BSc (1st Class Honors)
Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons
Anatomy demonstrator (HYMS)
Doctorate in Medicine MD (Research), University of York