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A Systematic Review of Wrapping of the Ascending Aorta

Monday, January 12, 2015

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Source Name: Journal of Cardiac Surgery


Tomasz Plonek

17 manuscripts were included in the final analysis and postoperative data of 722 patients were studied. The mean age of patients was 58 years and mean follow-up was 62 months. Hospital mortality was 1.5% (11 deaths). During the follow-up late aortic related mortality was noted in two patients (0.3%), there were 12 (1.7%) cases of significant redilatation of the ascending aorta, and 13 (1.8%) patients had to have their ascending aorta reoperated. All of the aortic complications were noted in patients who either did not have their external wrapping sutured to the aorta or who underwent concomitant aortoplasty.

The results of the metaanalysis suggest that external aortic wrapping may be considered as a safe operative technique. In patients with a moderately dilated aorta it offers good mid-term and long-term outcome compared to replacement of the ascending aorta.



Dear colleague, Amazing procedure... I did it multiple of times using a VASCUTECK material.. Especially in post aortic valve stenosis jet lesion dilatation.. Some times if the aorta is so dilated , i add a wall reduction over.. I found anchoring the wrapping that is very important, where i was missing it in the early procedures but after i was adding it.. My question is about the redos after the wrapping?how much it is difficult to excise the wrapped aorta?and replace it.. Actually the patients i did on them wrapping are not a long time ago.. Excellent article..

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