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Last Name Middle First Name City State/Province Countrysort descending
Modry L. Dennis Edmonton Alberta Canada
Barwinsky Jaroslaw Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Ghorpade N Nitin Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Bisleri Gianluigi Toronto Ontario Canada
Des Lauriers Jean Sainte-Foy Quebec Canada
Forgie W. Rand St. John New Brunswick Canada
Arora Christopher Rakesh Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Jaffer H. Iqbal Hamilton Ontario Canada
Shamji Farid Moham Ottawa Ontario Canada
Zhang Li Hamilton Ontario Canada
Benhameid Osama Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Ross B. David Edmonton Alberta Canada
Cusimano James Robert Toronto Ontario Canada
Ghosn Pierre Montreal Quebec Canada
Murphy A. David Kingsburg Nova Scotia Canada
Gandhi K. Sanjiv Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Pearson F. Griffith Mansfield Ontario Canada
Darling E. Gail Toronto Ontario Canada
Alam Mahmood Saint John New Brunswick Canada
Russell Crispin St. Johns Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
Mulder S. David Montreal Quebec Canada
Wang Shaohua Edmonton Alberta Canada
Teijeira Javier Magog Quebec Canada
Novick J. Richard Calgary Alberta Canada
Heimbecker O. Raymond Collingwood Ontario Canada
Coles G. John Toronto Ontario Canada
Rosenblum Mark Stan Sarnia Ontario Canada
Hassan Ansar Saint John New Brunswick Canada
Thomson J. Dorothy Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Pascoe A. Edward Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Khani-Hanjani Abbas Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Mathur N. Avdesh Sudbury Ontario Canada
Guiraudon M. Gerard London Ontario Canada
Hanna C. Waël Hamilton Ontario Canada
Weisel D. Richard Toronto Ontario Canada
Unruh W. Helmut Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Villeneuve James Patrick Ottawa Ontario Canada
Fedak William Michael Paul Calgary Alberta Canada
Manji Abdulmalik Rizwan Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Tchervenkov I. Christo Montreal Quebec Canada
Morin Jean-Francois Montreal, PQ Canada
Bharadwaj Steven Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Ye Jian Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Wyler von Ballmoos C. Moritz Zurich Switzerland
Vogt Robert Paul Zurich Switzerland
Radovanovic D. Ninoslav 1223 Cologny Geneva Switzerland
Genoni Michele Zurich Switzerland
Panos Aristotelis Athens-Geneva Switzerland
Mootoosamy Parmeseeven Geneva Switzerland
Moersig A. Wolfgang Basel Switzerland