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Trachea and bronchi

April 15, 2024
Tracheal resection with dorsal mucosectomy and primary anastomosis is a surgical technique that can be used to treat patients with benign tracheal stenosis, including post-intubation tracheal stenosis.
April 11, 2024
This video demonstrates the third redo slide tracheoplasty and esophagoplasty in a fifteen-month-old following button battery ingestion on VA-ECMO.
March 25, 2024
A sixty-seven-year-old man underwent robotic assisted tracheobronchoplasty for tracheobronchomalacia with subsequent improvement in his dyspnea and exercise tolerance.
February 21, 2024
The purpose of this video is to demonstrate maneuvers that aid in achieving adequate tracheal length for redo tracheal resection and reconstruction.
November 22, 2023
This video describes the technique and approach to the steps of the repair of the left mainstem bronchus during a robotic-assisted tracheobronchoplasty.
November 1, 2023
Segmentectomy is on the rise, but understanding of the segmental bronchial branching pattern is limited. Computed tomography scans of 303 patients were used to determine and categorize the branching of the right upper lobe bronchi. Four major types and eleven subtypes were identified.
September 21, 2023
The authors interrogated a Norwegian national database for patients with tracheal cancer, a rare but treatable disease. Seventy-sevent patients were identified, giving a crude incidence rate of 0.075 per 100,000 per year.
March 23, 2023
This video presents a sixty-seven-year-old man diagnosed in with pulmonary adenocarcinoma and submitted to right pneumonectomy and complicated with bronchopleural fistula and managed through thoracostomy, closed both by intrathoracic transposition of the omentum and total thoracoplasty.
January 10, 2023
This video shows the authors’ method for treatment of a gunshot wound to the trachea robotically.