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Valve disease

February 2, 2018
An editorial from an influential source discussing the recent robust results of the CASTLE-AF RCT trial. It is likely that interventions for atrial fibrillation will be boosted by these results, in terms of insurance, industry, and clinical guideline support.
January 17, 2018
The new EACTS Guidelines on perioperative medication in adult cardiac surgery address antithrombotic management, atrial fibrillation, renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system inhibitors, beta-blockers, dyslipidaemia, ulcer prevention and steroids, antibiotic prophylaxis, anaesthesia and postoperative analgesia, and blood glucose management.
November 19, 2017
Del Nido cardioplegia has been used in congenital heart surgery but the data for adult cardiac surgery has been lacking.  This randomized trial compares del Nido to whole blood cardioplegia for patients undergoing either a CABG, valve, or CABG/valve.  The results suggest that the use of del Nido is safe and may streamline the workflow.
October 26, 2017
The Swiss Society of Cardiology and the Swiss Society of Cardiac Surgery officially endorse the European guidelines on the modern heart team and intend to ensure that all cardiac institutions are informed about the application of the heart team approach to daily clinical practice.
October 25, 2017
De By and colleagues evaluated microbiological testing and decontamination methods of heart valve allografts in cardiovascular tissue banks by means of an international quality round. Twenty cardiovascular tissue banks were sent human heart valve tissue samples that had been purposely contaminated with microorganisms known to the participants.
October 6, 2017
Patient Care An opera singer talks about receiving a double-lung transplant.
September 26, 2017
While it is being increasingly understood that frailty in the older adult patient undergoing cardiac surgery is associated with an increased rate of postoperative mortality, it is still unclear if the addition of frailty measures to existing risk-assessment tools contributes to an improved prediction of long-term disabilty.
August 17, 2017
The Cleveland Clinic group performed a randomized clinical trial comparing transfusion triggers of 24% vs. 28% from 2007-2014.  The study included 722 patients who underwent either CABG or valve surgery.  While the lower trigger group received fewer transfusions, adverse outcomes did not differ between the groups.
July 25, 2017
This review paper, written by the ESC working group on valvular heart disease, defines what consitutes a good Heart Valve Centre. All relevant topics including multidisciplenary heart teams, data collection and review, training and future directions are discussed from an organizational point of view.