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Cardiac Videos


This introductory video describes the Gaudiani technique of cerebral perfusion at hypothermia, while the body is kept normothermic, for major aortic cases. Another video demonstrates repair of Type A... More
November 21, 2023
Carotid-axillary bypass is a safe and effective alternative for subclavian revascularization that is easy for cardiac surgeons.
November 17, 2023
As a part of the 2023 Australian Thoracic Aortic Symposium, international guest presenter Prof. Nikos Tsilimparis presented on his state-of-the-art method for total endovascular aortic arch repair.
November 16, 2023
This video demonstrates the challenges of a successful surgical repair of a giant right coronary artery aneurysm measuring approximately 6 cm.
November 14, 2023
This surgical video demonstrates the technical details of robotic aortic valve replacement in a sixty-eight-year-old man with bicuspid aortic valve and severe aortic insufficiency.
November 10, 2023
In this recording from the 2023 Transcatheter Heart Valves Greece conference, Dr. Michael J. Reardon, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Methodist DeBaket Heart and Vascular Center, discusses varying confidence in the shift in TAVI guidelines from operative risk to age.
November 7, 2023
This video illustrates surgical repair of double aortic arch through a sternotomy.
November 3, 2023
As a part of the 2023 Australian Thoracic Aortic Symposium, Dr. John Elefteriades presented on his state-of-the-art research on the genetics of inheritable aortic diseases. Dr. Elefteriades is a cardiothoracic surgeon at the Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, United States.
November 2, 2023
In this video, the surgeons approached a giant left atrial aneurysm by transecting the IVC and lifting the heart superiorly and anteriorly, which provided excellent exposure of the LA structures and the aneurysm.
October 31, 2023
October was a superstar month for surgical content, including versatile congenital techniques, a minimally invasive mitral valve repair, and hybrid aortic arch treatment. Articles published this month also included interviews with technique experts and important CT surgery news items.
October 31, 2023
This video demonstrates the authors’ technique for radial artery harvesting using the harmonic scalpel, how methylene blue dye can help maintain vessel orientation, and a "squirt test" for intraoperative confirmation of ulnar collateral blood flow.