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5 Heart Valve Procedures to Expand Your Knowledge

Thursday, March 9, 2023

A variety of procedures make up CTSNet’s catalog of heart valve content, which has continued to expand as surgeons increasingly focus on perfecting valve surgeries. Read on to explore five of the most popular heart valve videos on the site in the past year and let us know your favorite in the comments.

1. Mechanical AVR With Y-Incision Aortic Annular Enlargement
By Bo Yang, Sarah Palmer

The Y-incision procedure has exploded in popularity recently, so it is no surprise that it is first on our list. In this video, Dr. Bo Yang demonstrates his Y-incision and rectangular patch technique to enlarge the aortic annulus by four valve sizes and implant a mechanical valve. For more on this topic from Dr. Yang and others, watch the recording of the recent Small Aortic Root Webinar—Annular Enlargement vs. Total Replacement.

2. Annular Enlargement with Y-Incision and Bioprosthetic Valve Replacement
By Lamees El Nihum, Qasim AL Abri, Moritz Wyler von Ballmoos, Michael Reardon

Another Y-incision procedure rounds out the top two. However, this video demonstrates a case of valve replacement to remove a previously implemented, smaller aortic valve.

3. How to Make a Valve for the RVOT from the Right Atrial Appendage
By Ahmad Ali Amirghofran, Elahe Nirooei    

Next up, a congenital case demonstrates a common challenge in Tetralogy of Fallot repair—preventing chronic pulmonary insufficiency. Learn from Dr. Amirghofran and his team as they demonstrate their technique for repair using the right atrial appendage to create a valve for right ventricular outflow.

4. Fourth Sternotomy with Reinforced Ross Procedure
By Sameh Said, Gamal Marey

In another congenital valve replacement case, a twenty-year-old woman with severe aortic prosthetic dysfunction undergoes a fourth-time sternotomy with modified pulmonary autograft aortic root replacement—a.k.a. Ross procedure—and a revision of a pervious ascending-to-descending aortic bypass graft.

5. Tricuspid Valve Patch Augmentation with Annular Detachment in Thin Leaflet Valves
By Ahmad Ali Amirghofran

Finally, this video demonstrates how the annular detachment technique can be reliably and safely used in patients who need tricuspid valve patch augmentation, offering a secure and stable line of repair even when the anterior leaflet is too thin to hold the suture line.

For more heart valve content, keep an eye out for CTSNet’s Guest Editor Series on transcatheter valve replacement later this month.


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