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Aortic valve disease

April 22, 2024
With the recent approval for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) across all risk profiles, reintervention is likely to become common practice.
April 3, 2024
Watch the Medtronic Global Grand Rounds. Marc Ruel, M.D., Donna May Kimmaliardjuk, M.D., and Gianluca Torregrossa, M.D., discuss the importance of OPCAB procedures and gaining adoption and building an OPCAB practice.
March 22, 2024
Watch EIC Joel Dunning talk about the advantages of SAVR over TAVR and the data supporting the procedure in the right patients with Prof. Leonard N. Girardi.
March 19, 2024
In this brief review article, the authors discuss the pros and cons of early intervention in patients with moderate aortic valve stenosis.
March 19, 2024
Watch Professor Lars Svensson demonstrate his technique for aortic valve-sparing aortic root replacement and discuss the history of the groundbreaking cardiac surgeries pioneered at Cleveland Clinic.
March 7, 2024
Valve sparing aortic root replacement has recently emerged as the preferred procedure, when feasible, for patients undergoing aortic root surgery. Two main options are available to achieve this: the Yacoub procedure (remodeling) and the David procedure (reimplantation).
March 7, 2024
This population-based cohort study examined midterm outcomes of surgical aortic valve replacement with mechanical or bioprosthetic valves in patients less than 50 years old. A total of 991 patients were included. Multivariable Cox regression showed no significant difference in overall survival, with a median follow up period of 6.2 years.
March 5, 2024
This video presents two step-by-step walkthroughs of a novel technique in annular suture placement for aortic valve replacement.
February 27, 2024
CTSNet is happy to present the webinar recording of "Getting to the Root of Complex Aortic Procedures," featuring panelists Dr. Eric Roselli (Cleveland Clinic), Dr.
February 23, 2024
In this series of videos, Dr. Vincent Gaudiani shares his experience in the new field of surgery after previous TAVR and provides his tips for safely performing redo surgery for a variety of indications including TAVR early and late failure, endocarditis, and when further valve surgery is required.