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The Beat with Joel Dunning Ep. 28

Friday, October 13, 2023

This episode of The Beat with Joel Dunning was recorded at the 2023 EACTS Annual Meeting. Joel runs through the latest in CT surgery news and CTSNet content, commenting on his favorite talks from the meeting as well.

Joel discusses quality of life in pediatric patients who have undergone an arterial switch operation, the association between interstitial lung disease and outcomes after lung cancer resection, and a nested study examining experiences of patients and staff in prehabilitation for cardiac surgery.

He also talks about videos demonstrating the Nikaidoh procedure, minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery, and using holographic technology for preoperative assessment of pulmonary anatomy. After discussing upcoming events in the CT surgery world, he closes with a shoutout to Dr. Itumeleng Taunyane and all the other listeners who showed their support for The Beat at EACTS.

JANS Items Mentioned

Pediatric Quality of Life in Toddlers and Children Who Underwent Arterial Switch Operation Beyond Early Neonatal Period 

Association Between Interstitial Lung Disease and Outcomes After Lung Cancer Resection 

Experiences of Patients Enrolled and Staff Involved in the Prehabilitation of Elective Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery Trial: A Nested Qualitative Study 

CTSNet Content Mentioned

Nikaidoh Procedure for TGA, VSD, and PS in a Child

Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair Surgery

Preoperative Holographic Assessment of Pulmonary Anatomy for Intralobar Sequestration

Other Items Mentioned

CTSNet Events Calendar


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