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The Beat With Joel Dunning Ep. 45

Friday, March 1, 2024

This week on CTSNet’s flagship podcast, Editor in Chief Joel Dunning focuses on the problems with the peer review system in cardiothoracic surgery. He ponders how the community can go about fixing the peer review process and if it can be improved at all.

In addition, Joel discusses aortic valve repair versus replacement, a study on biventricular repair of DORV, and which surgical procedures thoracic surgeons would choose for themselves to treat lung cancer.

He also talks about a demonstration of the frozen elephant trunk technique for total arch replacement, an interview with Prof. Cherie Erkman, and a video on left secondary carinal resection. He closes with a discussion of upcoming events in the CT surgery world.

JANS Items Mentioned

Aortic Valve Repair Results in Better One-Year Survival Than Replacement: Results From German Aortic Valve Registry 

Multicenter Study on Late Outcomes of Biventricular Repair of Double Outlet Right Ventricle 

Which Extent of Surgical Resection Thoracic Surgeons Would Choose if They Were Diagnosed With an Early-Stage Lung Cancer: A European Survey 

CTSNet Content Mentioned

Total Arch Replacement With the Frozen Elephant Trunk Technique 

The Role of Gender in CT Surgeon Compensation: An Interview With Cherie Erkmen and Meghana Helder 

Left Secondary Carinal Resection and Reconstruction With Intercostal Flap 

Other Items Mentioned

CTSNet Events Calendar


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