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The Beat With Joel Dunning Ep. 46

Thursday, March 7, 2024

This week on CTSNet’s flagship podcast, Editor in Chief Joel Dunning focuses on the importance of guidelines in cardiothoracic surgery, highlighting the recent aortic arch surgery guidelines. He speaks on the issues present in recent guidelines and proposes how they should be improved.

In addition, Joel discusses a selection of the past year’s top 10 papers in valvular heart disease and LIMA-LAD bypass in training for OPCAB surgery.

He also talks about an interview with Dr. Anna Olds on family planning in CT surgery, a video demonstrating an emergency anterior bilateral thoracotomy, and a video on subaortic membrane resection and septal myectomy. He closes with a discussion of upcoming events in the CT surgery world.

JANS Items Mentioned

EACTS/STS Guidelines for Diagnosing and Treating Acute and Chronic Syndromes of the Aortic Organ 

The Year in Cardiovascular Medicine 2023: Top 10 Papers in Valvular Heart Disease 

Is Single LIMA-LAD Bypass Appropriate for OPCAB Training? 

CTSNet Content Mentioned

Family Planning and Pregnancy Complications in Cardiothoracic Surgeons: An Interview with Anna Olds 

Emergency Anterior Bilateral Thoracotomy

Subaortic Membrane Resection and Septal Myectomy 

Other Items Mentioned

CTSNet Events Calendar


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