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The Beat With Joel Dunning Ep. 63

Friday, July 5, 2024

This week on The Beat, Editor in Chief Joel Dunning speaks with Dr. Albert Jauregui Abularach about his work as a pioneer in robotic lung transplantation.

Joel also talks about cardiac shockwave therapy with CABG, the results of an esophageal cancer trial, and acute aortic dissection controversies.

He also discusses another installment in Dr. Tristan Yan’s aortic repair series on aortic dissection repair, internal thoracic harvesting and grafting, and a pediatric orthotopic heart transplant. Before wrapping up, Joel discusses upcoming events in CT surgery.

The Beat is taking a sumer break and will be back with a new episode on August 1, 2024!

JANS Items Mentioned

Cardiac Shockwave Therapy in Addition to CABG Improves Myocardial Function in Ischemic Heart Failure: The CAST-HF Trial 

Clinical T2 N0 M0 Esophageal Cancer: Identifying Predictive Factors of Upstaging 

AMDS or FET in Acute Aortic Dissection Indications and Controversies 

CTSNet Content Mentioned

Deep Dive Into Aortic Surgery: Acute Type A Dissection—Aortic Rupture 

Secrets of Bilateral Internal Thoracic Harvesting and Grafting 
How I Do It: Pediatric Orthotopic Heart Transplant
Other Items Mentioned

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