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CTSNet’s 10 Most Popular Articles of May 2023

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

May was a busy month for CTSNet, with a wide variety of cardiothoracic news and content. The most popular content over the last few weeks included a demonstration of minimally invasive mitral valve repair, a Yang procedure for rheumatic heart disease treatment performed by a South African surgical team, and the winning video in the 8th Annual Resident Video Competition.

1. Minimally Invasive Off-Pump Mitral Valve Repair with the NeoChord DS1000 System
By Amy Brown, William Kent, Corey Adams

The most popular video last month demonstrates the use of an innovative device, which implants multiple sets of Gortex neochords onto the prolapsing segment of the posterior mitral valve leaflet through a minimally invasive approach.

2. JANS: Isolated Tricuspid Operations—The Society of Thoracic Surgeons Adult Cardiac Surgery Database Analysis 

May’s top JANS post was an analysis of the STS adult cardiac surgery database that determined trends in isolated tricuspid operation outcomes. Researchers concluded that early referral to high-volume cardiac centers may improve outcomes.

3. Yang Procedure and Double Valve Replacement Technique
By Dambuza Nyamande, Peter Ramoroko, Makenga Fidele Kampetu

A technique for annular enlargement involving a Y-incision and rectangular patch, dubbed the Yang procedure, has become increasingly popular in recent years. In this video, a team of surgeons from South Africa demonstrated their technique on a patient with rheumatic heart disease.

4. Veno-Venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: Decannulation Technique in the Awake, Spontaneously Breathing Patient
By Ryan Azarrafiy, Mark Bleiweis, Mindaugas Rackauskas, Jeffrey Jacobs, Giles Peek 

In the winning video of CTSNet’s 8th Annual Resident Video Competition, the author demonstrates a detailed guide to ECMO decannulation. Make sure to also watch his interview with competition judge Marjan Jahangiri.

5. JANS: Terumo Aortic’s ThoracoFlo Hybrid Device Used in First North American Case 

A new hybrid graft, Thoracoflo from Terumo, has been used in thoracic aorta aneurysm repair for the first time. The graft consists of a proximal stent graft for transabdominal retrograde delivery to the descending aorta and a distal six-branched abdominal device for open aortic repair.

6. Sponsored Content: SAVR Procedures to Enhance Outcomes—A Case-Based Discussion
By Vivek Rao, William Brinkman, Barbara Hamilton, Bo Yang, Sarah Palmer 

In this discussion, several aortic surgery experts reviewed aortic root replacement procedures, aortic root enlargement using the Y incision, and considerations for lifetime management of patients.

7. Anomalous Origin of the Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery (ALCAPA): Repair by Translocation
By Mina Estafanos, Ali Mashadi, Sameh Said 

A video from top CTSNet submitter Dr. Sameh Said, surgeons demonstrate repair of an anomalous origin of the left coronary artery by translocating the left main coronary artery from the pulmonary artery to the aorta in a neonate.

8. JANS: Albumin Infusion and Blood Loss after Cardiac Surgery 

The next JANS post on the list details a study comparing albumin to Ringer's acetate for volume resuscitation. The results showed that the group that was perioperatively administered albumin had a greater blood loss and higher UDBP compared to those who were administered Ringer’s acetate.

9. Ross Procedure after Explantation of Failed Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
By Qiudong (Kevin) Chen, Jad Malas, Jo Chikwe, Richard Kim, Dominic Emerson 

In another Resident Video Competition submission, the surgical team used a pulmonary autograft-in-conduit technique with a 30 mm Gelweave graft and reconstruction with a 29 mm pulmonary homograft to replace the patient’s valve via Ross procedure.

10. Uniportal VATS Lung Sparing Resection with Radial Stapler for Unknown Post-COVID-19 Lesions
By Elisa Sicolo, Andrea Castaldi, Vittorio Aprile, Diana Bacchin, Stylianos Korasidis, Marcello Ambrogi, Marco Lucchi, Maria Giovanna Mastromarino 

Finally, this video underscores the importance of being aware of post-COVID-19 atypical benign lesions that mimic lung tumors to avoid unnecessary extensive pulmonary resections. The authors demonstrate that the radial stapler is a valid and useful tool to achieve this goal.


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