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CTSNet’s Top 5 Adult Cardiac Procedure Videos of 2022

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

This year, adult cardiac submissions to CTSNet spanned a variety of fascinating procedures, from mammary artery harvesting to the innovative Y-incision technique for aortic annular enlargement. Read on for a quick overview of the most popular adult cardiac articles and videos on CTSNet in 2022, and stay tuned for many more in 2023.

Thank you to everyone who submitted cardiac content this year. CTSNet is always seeking submissions of innovative and instructional adult cardiac surgery content to educate and connect the global CT surgery community. We encourage surgeons and allied health professionals to consider submitting in the new year.

1. Step-by-Step Tutorial of Internal Mammary Artery Harvesting
By Antonia Kreso, Akash Premkumar, Nathaniel Langer

The most popular cardiac video of 2022 demonstrated each step of a procedure that is essential for cardiothoracic surgeons to perfect early in their careers. The video and article give a step-by-step tutorial that is a great resource for learning proper mammary artery harvest technique.

2. Mechanical AVR With Y-Incision Aortic Annular Enlargement
By Bo Yang, Sarah Palmer

In this video, Bo Yang demonstrates his signature Y-incision technique for aortic annular enlargement. Once again, the accompanying article gives a step-by-step breakdown of the complex procedure. For more from Dr. Yang, watch CTSNet’s Small Aortic Root Webinar—Annular Enlargement vs. Total Replacement.

3. DCD Organ Procurement with Normothermic Regional Perfusion
By John Trahanas, Jordan Hoffman, William McMaster, Jr., Yuliya Tipograf, Tarek Absi, Keki Balsara, Ashish Shah

This detailed overview of organ procurement demonstrates the recovery of organs from a donation after circulatory death (DCD) donor using normothermic regional perfusion (NRP). The procedure differs from brain-dead donor procurement only until bypass is established, at which point it is very similar.

4. How-To: Left Atrial Appendage Exclusion During Cardiac Surgery
By Stacey Chen, Darien Paone, Elias Zias

To reduce the risk of development of post-operative atrial fibrillation, it is routine practice to exclude the left atrial appendage during coronary artery bypass surgery. This video and article give a detailed description of left atrial appendage clip deployment and placement.

5. Annular Enlargement with Y-Incision and Bioprosthetic Valve Replacement
By Lamees El Nihum, Qasim AL Abri, Moritz Wyler von Ballmoos, Michael Reardon

Finally, the authors of this detailed video and article once again demonstrate the Y-incision technique for aortic annular enlargement. This procedure accompanied a redo aortic valve replacement to remove a previously implanted, smaller aortic valve. Dr. Reardon also participated in CTSNet’s Small Aortic Root Webinar—Annular Enlargement vs. Total Replacement.


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