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CTSNet’s Top 5 Cardiac and Congenital Procedure Videos of 2023

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

This year, adult cardiac and congenital submissions to CTSNet spanned a variety of fascinating procedures, from an efficient technique for aortic hemiarch replacement to a novel method for ventricular septal defect closure. Read on for a quick overview of the most popular cardiac and congenital videos on CTSNet in 2023, and stay tuned for many more in 2024.

1. Aortic Hemiarch Replacement: The 7-Minute Technique
By Stephen Spindel, Elbert Williams

The most popular cardiac video of 2023 demonstrates a safe and simple technique for efficient replacement of the aortic hemiarch under hypothermic circulatory arrest that consistently takes seven minutes.

2. Postinfarction Ventricular Septal Defect Closure Without Ventriculotomy—A Novel Method
By Mario Torre, Guido Oppido, Enrico Coscioni

In this technically simpler and timesaving method for ventricular septal defect closure, surgeons performed a modified closure using two handmade patches without left ventriculotomy. This technique is flexible and, in case of failure, can be quickly converted into a classical approach.

3. Internal Mammary Artery Harvest: Two Techniques with Tips and Tricks
By Stephen Spindel, Manuel Giraldo-Grueso    

The next video on the list provides a comprehensive guide to internal mammary artery harvest, including detailing two techniques and giving tips for preserving artery length.

4. Aortic Arch Debranching: The Off-Pump Technique
By Stephen Spindel, Shinobu Itagaki

In yet another step-by-step video from Dr. Stephen Spindel, the authors demonstrate the benefits of an off-pump debranching for a patient with type B aortic dissection. The video includes helpful tips and tricks for mastering the off-pump technique.

5. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Patient Bleeding Management
By Veronica Lorenz, Luigi Muzzi, Eugenio Neri

The final video on the list demonstrates how to handle the tricky problem of untreatable postoperative bleeding by keeping the sternum open with a VAC sponge and negative chest pressure.


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