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CTSNet's 10 Most Popular Articles of September 2022

Friday, September 30, 2022

September’s top content includes a few of our specialty roundups, a video from Diego Gonzalez Rivas on his groundbreaking uniportal robotic technique, and many more helpful articles.

1. Book Review: Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery—A Practical Guide
By Peyman Sardari Nia
In his review, the author praises a manual on minimally invasive cardiac surgery edited by Theo Kofidis. Serving as a way to tie together traditional surgical manuals and new online content, the book contains elements like QR codes and caters to heightened demand for minimally invasive techniques in a technologically advanced and user-friendly format.

2. 5 Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Videos to Strengthen Your Skills
By Cameron Lind
Minimally invasive techniques can be applied to mitral valve repair and replacement, CABG, and other procedures. Take a look at five of CTSNet’s most popular posts on minimally invasive cardiac procedures from experts around the globe.

3. The Commando Revisited in Adolescent with Severe Aortic and Mitral Valve Stenosis
By Sameh Said, Gamal Marey
This video from Sameh Said demonstrates the double annular enlargement technique for aortic and mitral valve replacement. The technique uses Manouguian and Guiraudon incisions to provide adequate enlargement of both aortic and mitral annuli.

4. 5 Videos to Help You Prepare for Aortic Dissection Complications
By Cameron Lind
Aortic dissection can be life-threatening and is important to understand how to manage. Another roundup of popular CTSNet articles provides a look at a wide variety of procedures involving the repair of aortic dissection.

5. Uniportal Robotic Surgery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setup by Diego Gonzalez Rivas
By Diego Gonzalez Rivas, Mugurel Bosinceanu, Joel Dunning
Watch as Diego Gonzalez Rivas and Mugurel Bosinceanu demonstrate their novel technique for uniportal thoracic surgery. They show how to set up the robotic system, place the ports, and set up the arms to eliminate possible clashing of the robotic system.

6. Through the Graft Into the Artery: Evolution of the Technique of Right Axilary Cannulation
By Domenico Calcaterra, Eric Wherley, Hana Ajouz
In this video, the authors demonstrate an improved technique of right axillary artery cannulation—inserting the inflow cannula through the Dacron graft into the vessel—which improves arterial inflow and reduces the incidence of complications.

7. Minimally invasive ITA Harvesting Using a Harmonic Hook Blade
By Gabriele Romano, Sameer Al-Maisary
While harvesting the internal thoracic artery can be difficult because of small surgical access, using a harmonic hook blade allows for easier access and preserves the integrity of the artery. The authors demonstrate their technique in this video.

8. Perfecting the Segmentectomy: 3 Tips for Beginners from Dr. Dominique Gossot
By Cameron Lind, John Janesheski
Dominique Gossot offers advice for making sense of the anatomical variations a surgeon may encounter during a segmentectomy, including 3D modeling and other technological modeling tools, as well as performing the procedure with an extensive dissection of elements in the fissure.

9. Uniportal Robotic Right Lower Lobectomy
By Benjamin Waterhouse, Joel Dunning
In a demonstration of the uniportal robotic technique, Ben Waterhouse and Joel Dunning combine the advantages of uniportal VATS and the wristed instrumentation and 3D vision that come with robotic surgery. They use the technique to perform a right lower lobectomy on a patient with a large tumor.

10. How I Do It—Arterial Switch Operation
By James Tweddell, Alan ODonnell
Finally, learn from the late James Tweddell as he demonstrates an arterial switch operation in a neonate with simple transposition. Dr. Tweddell lost his battle with cancer on July 1, 2022—a colossal loss for the congenital heart surgery community. Michael Mitchell recently honored him with a moving tribute, which you can read here


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