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CTSNet's Top 10 Most Popular Stories of August 2022

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

August’s top content includes several items from our recent Guest Editor Series, "Segmentectomy for Lung Cancer," from guest editor Alan Sihoe, as well as two uniportal technique videos from thoracic surgeon Diego Gonzalez Rivas.

1. Tricuspid Valve Patch Augmentation with Annular Detachment in Thin Leaflet Valves
Ahmad Ali Amirghofran

The annular detachment technique can be reliably and safely used in patients who need tricuspid valve patch augmentation, offering a secure and stable line of repair even when the anterior leaflet is too thin for holding the suture line.


2. CALGB 140503 Results—An Interview with Nasser Altorki
Nasser AltorkiMara AntonoffJoel Dunning

CALGB 140503 researcher Nasser Altorki sat down with CTSNet associate editors Joel Dunning and Mara Antonoff for an exclusive interview to discuss the trial's breakthrough results and its implications for the future of thoracic surgery.


3. Uniportal Robotic Left Upper Lobe Sleeve Resection
Diego Gonzalez RivasMugurel BosinceanuHumberto Alves de OlivieraJoel Dunning

This lobectomy procedure performed by Diego Gonzalez Rivas highlights the treatment of an extended pT2aN0M0 carcinoid tumor.


4. Segmentectomy Versus Lobectomy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers: Clinical Evidence
Christopher Cao

Christopher Cao provides an overview of clinical evidence that shifts the paradigm from lobectomy to segmentectomy for non-small cell lung cancer.


5. Proximalized Custom-Made Frozen Elephant Trunk for Aortic Arch Reconstruction
Manuel WilbringKlaus MatschkeUtz Kappert

This video offers a step-by-step demonstration of a simple, reproducible anatomic aortic arch reconstruciton using a custom-made frozen elephant trunk that can be applied to nearly every pathoanatomy.


6. Uniportal Pure Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery—Left Bisegmentectomy S9-S10
Diego Gonzalez Rivas, Veronica Manolache, Mugurel Bosinceanu, Natalia Motas

Diego Gonzalez Rivas presents a complete inferior U-RATS approach for a bisegmental resection of S9-S10 on the left side. The procedure was chosen based on careful analysis of the arterial and venous branching on a preoperatory scan.


7. Anatomical Landmarks for Anatomical Segmentectomies
Dominique Gossot, Emmanuel Brian, Madalina Grigoroiu, Alessio Mariolo, Agathe Seguin-Givelet

Dominique Gossot highlights the important segmentectomy step of advanced anatomical studies that may be achieved via 3D modeling, 3D printing, or even a mixed-reality system.


8. Hilum First-Fissure Last Biportal VATS Right Lower Lobectomy for Lung Cancer
Lorenzo GherziMichele FerrariAlessandro Pardolesi

This article and video outline the steps of an anterior approach for VATS lobectomies. The authors claim this approach is easily reproduced and feasible in every case, especially when the fissure is completely absent.


9. Segmentectomy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Jessica Donington

Jessica Donington points to the thoughtful use of segmentectomy. Namely, the procedure is emerging as the preferred resection treatment for select patients with stage IA NSCLC <2cm, asserted by survival data noted in the JCOG 0802 trial.


10. Guest Editor Series Webinar: Segmentectomy for Lung Cancer
Alan SihoeChristopher CaoDominique GossotRicardo Terra, Jessica Donington

CTSNet Guest Editor Alan Sihoe discusses his series, "Segmentectomy for Lung Cancer," alongside four other esteemed thoracic surgery colleagues. Serving as moderator, Dr. Sihoe invited his peers to discuss and address the series, specialty insights, and viewer questions.


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