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Introducing: The Heart Surgeon's Cookbook

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

This video is a collaboration between Dr. Nirav Patel, Director of Robotic Cardiac Surgery at Northwell Health in New York, and Michelin star chef Fredrick Berzelius. 

Dr. Patel wanted to find projects to help surgeons develop their out-of-theater dexterity. Together with Fredrick, they came up with the concept of using the particular dexterity of a heart surgeon to create a cookbook oriented towards cardiac surgeons. The cookbook uses a variety of surgical tools and operative techniques to create a unique and highly challenging set of recipes to aid with training while celebrating surgeons' hard-earned skills. The cookbook showcases how heart surgeons use traditional surgical skills, combining physical and mental dexterity and impeccable hand-eye coordination. The idea was born from a partnership with Getinge.

View the entire project today.


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