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Sublobar Resections and Evolving Techniques for Lung Cancer: Session 7

Friday, May 19, 2023

This is the seventh session of the 4th International Conference for Sublobar Resections and Evolving Techniques for Lung Cancer, held in January 2023. It includes talks from five experts from the U.S., UK, Denmark, and France discussing target localization and preoperative diagnosis.

Target Localization and Preoperative Diagnosis for Sublobar Resesction: Background

Can We Get Rid of Preoperative Diagnosis for Sublobar Resection?

Percutaneous Localization for Sublobar Resection: A Review of Available Techniques

Endobronchial Localization for Sublobar Resection

From Maximal Access to Minimal Access and from Maximal Resection to Minimal Resection: What We Have Learned


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