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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Nardini M, Dunning J. Trisegmentectomy. July 2019. doi:10.25373/ctsnet.8428937.

Microlobectomy is a surgical technique conceived by Mr Joel Dunning, in Middlesbrough, UK, in 2014 and previously described in the literature. In this video, the authors demonstrate the adoption of this technique for a sublobar resection, namely a left upper division segmentectomy. The aim is to reduce the postoperative pain and use of opioids, and therefore to reduce the postoperative complications and the hospital stay. About 20% of patients who underwent lobectomy through a microlobectomy approach left the hospital on the day after the procedure.

The key principle is the adoption of 5 mm shaft instruments through 5 mm intercostal ports. The intercostal spaces are only 8 to 10 mm wide and using large ports in the intercostal space will damage the intercostal nerves causing excruciating postoperative pain, as happens with specimen retrieval through the intercostal space and the intercostal chest drain. Therefore, a larger subxiphoid port is dedicated to specimen retrieval and chest drainage.


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