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Uniportal VATS Lobectomy Made Easy

Monday, November 24, 2014

This video demonstrates two helpful items for uniportal VATS lobectomy. This first is a SILS Dissector that can bend to nearly 90 degrees for better dissection. The second is a 5 mm diameter stapler called the MicroCutter, which can roticulate to 80 degrees. This is useful for small pulmonary artery vessels and for coming in at sharp angles.

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Dear Mr Dunning Thank you very much for this very useful Video. I have seen in your videos using the SILS Dissector but never had the opportunity to see the Micro Cutter in action! Is it possible to forward to me the Details of the Reps in UK of the above? Again many thanks for this very helpful video. Sincerely Michael Klimatsidas Locum Consultant Thoracic Surgeon Golden Jubilee Hospital, Glasgow , UK
luckily the UK rep is in Glasgow ! Her name is sue titterington. Her company is ionasurgical (07785292613). Perhaps we should join up so you see how it is used ( Me to you or you to me) as it is certainly more delicate than the staplers you are used to, but it does do some great things !!

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