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Women Cardiothoracic Surgeons Took on The New Yorker OR Cover Challenge

Friday, August 25, 2017

Antonoff, Mara; Stamp, Nikki (2017): Women Cardiothoracic Surgeons Accept The New Yorker OR Cover Challenge.
CTSNet, Inc..
Retrieved: 18:56, Aug 17, 2017 (GMT)

The Health, Medicine & the Body Issue of The New Yorker depicting four women surgeons at the operating table has inspired women surgeons around the world to recreate the cover and share their photos as part of the #NYerORCoverChallenge.

Women cardiothoracic surgeons took on the challenge, and CTSNet is excited to share the completed photo collage. The photos show teams of women cardiothoracic surgeons, as well as solo surgeons. “Many of us are the lone women in our cardiothoracic practices,” said Dr Mara Antonoff, CTSNet Social Media Associate Editor. “We rely on our collaborative support of one another, and for this reason, we [sought] to bring together the images of women in CT surgery to support this movement.”

CTSNet is proud to share this photo collage of the women cardiothoracic surgeons and residents who participated in the challenge.

Special thanks to:

Mara Antonoff and team
Shanda Blackmon and the Mayo team
Yvonne Carter
DuyKhanh Ceppa and team
Elizabeth David and team
The Duke team
Melanie Edwards and the SLU team
Debi Ferreira and team
Erin Gillaspie and team
Saira Gul
Kristine Guleserian and team
Caitlin Harrington
Anita Krueger
Monica Loyarte
The Massachusetts General Hospital team
Daniela Molena and team
Stephanie Perrier
Farah Rahman
Somaiya Rehman
Carrie Spangler
Nikki Stamp
Sharoon Suarez
Jennifer Sullivan
The University of Michigan team

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