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Carlos Galvez Munoz

Carlos Galvez Munoz, M.D., PhD. Thoracic Surgery Mentor for trainees.

Hospital General Universitario Alicante
C/Pintor Baeza 12
Hospital General Universitario Alicante
Alicante  03010
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Surgeon - Cardiothoracic


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Other Interests

Minimally-invasive thoracic surgery (MIS-VATS)

Uniportal thoracic and mediastinal surgery (Uniportal VATS, SI-VATS)

Non-intubated and awake thoracic surgery 

Sublobar anatomical pulmonary resections

Benign and malignant tracheal diseases

Lung Cancer


Morphological prognostic factors in early-stage non-small cell lung cancer (Ki-67, PD-L1)

Anatomical Pulmonary Sublobar resections (multicenter multinational study)

Advantages of uniportal VATS (single-port) pulmonary resections

Non-intubated Thoracic Surgery